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Discover your brain

Mendi Research Foundation

We imagine a world where people with brain disorders easily can access solutions which may benefit and improve their brain function. We believe science can help us to make this a reality.

About Us

Mendi Research Foundation develops and supports innovative breakthroughs in neuroscience. Our mission is to make advanced developments in neuroscience accessible for ordinary people.

Our programs.

Supporting innovations

We currently have two neuroscience related programs which we use to promote the adoption and use of scientific advancements.


We do research on technologies like functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy and how this can be used to make brain-computer interfaces (BCI’s). Particularly we focus on how these BCI’s can be used to measure and monitor mental states such as attention. Recent developments in electronics has made it possible to produce these BCI’s at a much lower cost.  We believe it is important that these recent breakthroughs are practically applied to help us learn more about the brain, and ultimately about ourselves.